Give her the miracle that she hopes for

Emma is a happy and cheerful woman despite her many illnesses. Prior to the thyroid cancer, she suffered several illnesses including stage 3 anemia and slipped disc which disables her to have a job.

But when I first met her, I never guessed nor saw her pain behind her smiles and laughter. The light in her eyes just inspires you to laugh with her. She may have indeed learned to laugh at life. Even now, when she is diagnosed with a thyroid cancer, the light in her eyes and her smiles still persist.

I am initiating this fundraising because I wouldn’t want that light to dim and that smile to fade. Because I know that there have been many times that she said to herself “I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.” just to cover up the raging war that has been happening in her heart. Because all of us knows that cancer is scary. It hurts. It sabotages dreams and hopes that have been so beautifully put together.

So I want to fight this, with Emma as the lead. She is fighting for her health herself. And it’s a compelling thing to help someone who help herself too.

Could you join me in this battle? Let’s fight this with Emma. Let’s give her the miracle that the light in her eyes and the smile in her face hope for. ❤

You can help by buying these products found here: Fight cancer with emma

Just click the link, browse through the products offered, buy some of them 🙂 and spread the word to your friends.

I will greatly appreciate your help. May you be blessed more and more! Thank you. 🙂