Winning relationship over argument

Earlier, I hurt my tongue when I sip my soup. Turns out it’s too hot. But it doesn’t stop me because the hunger is greater than the hurt.

Then I hurt my hand when I reach out to you. Turns out your head is just as hot as that soup. But it doesn’t stop me because winning the relationship is more important than winning my argument.

The bravest thing I did not regret I said

Language is my favorite frustration.

I hate it when I want to say something to convey how I am so moved or how I appreciated someone’s gestures, but couldn’t come up with anything except ‘thank you’. Sometimes I feel like those words couldn’t measure up.

I would want to acknowledge not just the things where the effort is poured in, but the heart risked with it. Because I know that behind the gifts offered, the kind words said, and the effort given is the heart risking itself by showing how much it feels, how much it cares. And for some, it’s a vulnerability they would rather hide.

And so armed with the words I know that will convey all the things I am feeling, and all the words I want to say, the gratitude I want to express, and the declaration I want to state…

I’ve said the bravest line I’ve said my entire life. Honest, raw, brave… and very exhilarating! I wondered why I withheld it, why so many of us withhold it from our loved ones.

I said, “I love you.”


An open letter from a father to his child

My Child,

If only I can let you borrow my eyes, then you’ll see how beautiful you are, how brave, how worth loving, how deserving of happiness. Flawed yes, bent maybe, but definitely not broken!

You are precious. You are worth dying for. You are my child and I’m the one who has the loudest applause in every single victory in your life, no matter how small it is in the world’s standard. I am the proudest in all your success, even in those that no one else notice.

And I… I will be the one to wipe your tears in your heartbreak. I will ease your pain in your failures, disappointments, hurts. I will embrace you in all the times you feel alone and rejected. I will comfort you and say “It’s gonna be alright, I got this.” in times when you don’t believe anymore in the potential that you have. I will heal you, save you, love you. But when you aren’t ready for all these… I will wait.

I want you to believe that I will do anything for you. I would die for you. Over and over again.

My child, I love you. And I wont stop loving you no matter what. It’s okay,I wont force you. I will only show myself and my love in the ways that you would allow me to.

I’ll always be here… Waiting. Healing. Loving.

And when you’re ready, I’ll have the loudest applause in your coming home.


If He doesn’t, He is still good

Everything is grace. ❤

..and let that be your greatest worship to Him

If God doesn’t, He’s still good.

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If He never heals you, He is still good.

If He never gives the desires of your heart, He is still good.

If He never speaks, He is still good.

If He never meets you on your terms, He is still good.

If He never brings you to your promised land, He is still good.

If He never makes you understand, He is still good.

If He never ends your waiting, He is still good.

If He never presents you the gift of having someone to be with, He is still good.

If He never carries you to the overflowing harvest, He is still good. not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. (Hebrews 10:35)

Sweetheart, if He doesn’t — will you still follow Him?

Will your confidence remain in Him?

Will you still…

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That hidden message from a brochure

I tried taking out words from a PhilHealth brochure to form a poem. This Tagalog poem tries to convey a message that someone is listening, that someone cares, and that your voice matters.

Punan ng tama
Maari itong hingin
Kailangang makipag-ugnayan
Mahalaga ang bawat pagkakataon

Kung may patlang,
magkakaroon din ng patlang ang karapatan
Katumbas lamang na paghahatian

Maaring makikita
Kung mayroong kailangang itama,
baguhin, o idagragdag

May halaga ang serbisyo, pagsusuri
Pagtuturo at pagbibigay
Gamot ang mga ito sa kasalukuyan

Kung may nais iparating,
lumapit lamang


Rough English Translation (Didn’t really use direct translation to form a more coherent poem)

Sum up what’s right
You can ask for it
We need to communicate
And cherish each moment

When there’s a rift
or a broken right
There’s a visible divide

You can see it
If there’s something to correct
To change, or to build

What matters are service,
teaching and giving
They are balm to a present misgiving

If there’s something to communicate
You gotta say it
Come to me



PhilHealth Brochure page 1


PhilHealth brochure page 2

So you see, you can always find a message in the most unlikely materials. You just need to look beyond what you first see. Uncover the message. Make it your own.

On difficult relationships

People will fail us, disappoint us, and hurt us even unknowingly.

Yet it is in these times that we have to wait more. Wait, ask which prayer is God granting this time? Understand that His ways are so amazing and beyond our understanding. That He, in his compassion, grants us the things we’ve been praying for through situations that we wouldn’t wish for ourselves but which result ultimately is what we prayed for. It is there that we will have that strength, wisdom, prosperity, courage, love, favors and patience we’ve been praying.

Yes it is difficult. People are difficult. But it is in these times that we are called to pray for a bigger heart for these shortcomings. And at some point we were the ones who failed, disappointed, and hurt others… We are difficult.

So yes, relationship is a mess. But who would want a monotone relationship. It’s boring. It will not help us grow. It will not make us appreciate the beauty of the morning after that night of sorrow.

But the Lord will see us through. Jesus will be our example, how He loves us even if we are a failure, a disappointment and many other things. Despite those, in His loving eyes, we are one piece of a beautiful mess, whose heart craves for the thing that only He could give. And he’s dying to give it to us. In fact, He ALREADY died for that.

We need to express the same mercy and compassion and love that the Lord has given for us.

Again relationship is a mess. But it is necessary. It will grow form heartache to heartache. From victory to victory. From love to love. In death and new beginnings.

On Waiting

Are you tired of the situation you are in? Are the people who are supposed to be the source of love becoming toxic in your lives? Do you feel like giving up?


Yes, wait!

Wait until that strength you’ve been praying for be shown because of the difficulties you are in.

Wait until that wisdom you’ve been wanting manifest itself through the problems you have to solve.

Wait until that prosperity you’ve been longing slowly unfolds through the brawn and the brains you need to exercise in your work.

Wait until that courage come knocking down the dangers you have to overcome.

Wait until love grows for the troubled people God entrusted you to help.

Wait until the favors you desired be granted through the opportunities waiting for you to grab on.

Wait until that patience you’ve been praying for develop in situations like these where you are forced to wait.

You must wait!

And I know it’s painful. I’ve been (am and will still wait) waiting many times in my life. So I know it’s painful. Because during the waiting, life will force you to give up by throwing many things at you all at once, or force you to be impatient by not having anything happen to you at all.

Yet, it is in those times that we are to wait more. And most importantly, HOPE.

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”- Romans 8:25

May your waiting be joyful and full of hope!

*Based on a poem about careful praying.




A Reversal

From Atheist to Christian

A video (and poem) Courtesy of  Deo Volente Media —-Video Link

I live my life according to these beliefs.
God does not exist.
Its just foolish to think
That there is an all knowing God with a cosmic plan.
That an all powerful God brings purpose to the pain and suffering in the world
is a comforting thought however
It is only wishful thinking.
People can do as they please without eternal consequences.
The idea that
I am deserving of hell
Because of sin,
Is a lie meant to make me a slave to those in power
“The more you have, the happier you will be.”
Our existence has no grand meaning or purpose.
In a world with no God
There is freedom to be who I want to be
But with God
Life is an endless cycle of guilt and shame.
Without god
Everything is fine.
It is ridiculous to…

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It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian

Keep in mind that the closer you and him move towards God, the closer you move towards each other.

I’m sorry but you read it right and I mean it.

It’s not enough that he’s a Christian.

Beloved, you need to hear the truth.


1. There’s a lot of nice Christian boys, but not a lot of Godly men.
You see, a lot of guys out there can easily serve in the ministry. You can spot them in church every Sunday. Hitting the drums so passionately and leading the worship in all its honor and glory. Yet, are these really the marks of a guy whose life is fully surrendered to Jesus Christ? Are you seeing him leading younger men towards a greater encounter with the Lord? Are his words a reflection of God’s grace or better yet, do you feel God’s grace every time you talk to Him? Does he spend more time reading his bible rather than being cozy in the comfort of late night fellowships? Does he…

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