Hold on a Little Longer

“Call for me. Call for your Father. Don’t work alone. It’s not by your might, not by your power, but by my Spirit.

When you don’t know what to do, kneel down in surrender.

Fight the way you used to fight. By prayers and petitions.

When nothing seems to work, worship will make a way.

Watch how I exalt the humble. Watch how I take delight in those who seek me with all their heart. Watch how I established the ways of a man as he commits his life to me and only me.

Watch as I change your heart, from a heart seeking for victories to a heart longing to be a blessing.”


So I see that you’ve reached your end. You walked out from the fight and left everything else we worked hard for. You said that you’re going to wait but I guess the waiting is over. You grew tired. You’ve let go of my hands, of my heart, and of my leading. You lost trust in Me.

For the past few days, you stopped calling My name. But tonight, you did.

You remembered me. In fact, you shouted for me. But your words are no longer with me.

I heard you loud and clear. In tears. With a broken heart, you said, “Jesus, I don’t need you.”

When you reach your end, am I still enough?

When promises are not fulfilled, am I still enough?

When all else fails, am I still going to be enough?

I thought I’d ask you again, am I still enough?

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I know you. I know…

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