The bravest thing I did not regret I said

Language is my favorite frustration.

I hate it when I want to say something to convey how I am so moved or how I appreciated someone’s gestures, but couldn’t come up with anything except ‘thank you’. Sometimes I feel like those words couldn’t measure up.

I would want to acknowledge not just the things where the effort is poured in, but the heart risked with it. Because I know that behind the gifts offered, the kind words said, and the effort given is the heart risking itself by showing how much it feels, how much it cares. And for some, it’s a vulnerability they would rather hide.

And so armed with the words I know that will convey all the things I am feeling, and all the words I want to say, the gratitude I want to express, and the declaration I want to state…

I’ve said the bravest line I’ve said my entire life. Honest, raw, brave… and very exhilarating! I wondered why I withheld it, why so many of us withhold it from our loved ones.

I said, “I love you.”



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