An open letter from a father to his child

My Child,

If only I can let you borrow my eyes, then you’ll see how beautiful you are, how brave, how worth loving, how deserving of happiness. Flawed yes, bent maybe, but definitely not broken!

You are precious. You are worth dying for. You are my child and I’m the one who has the loudest applause in every single victory in your life, no matter how small it is in the world’s standard. I am the proudest in all your success, even in those that no one else notice.

And I… I will be the one to wipe your tears in your heartbreak. I will ease your pain in your failures, disappointments, hurts. I will embrace you in all the times you feel alone and rejected. I will comfort you and say “It’s gonna be alright, I got this.” in times when you don’t believe anymore in the potential that you have. I will heal you, save you, love you. But when you aren’t ready for all these… I will wait.

I want you to believe that I will do anything for you. I would die for you. Over and over again.

My child, I love you. And I wont stop loving you no matter what. It’s okay,I wont force you. I will only show myself and my love in the ways that you would allow me to.

I’ll always be here… Waiting. Healing. Loving.

And when you’re ready, I’ll have the loudest applause in your coming home.



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