That hidden message from a brochure

I tried taking out words from a PhilHealth brochure to form a poem. This Tagalog poem tries to convey a message that someone is listening, that someone cares, and that your voice matters.

Punan ng tama
Maari itong hingin
Kailangang makipag-ugnayan
Mahalaga ang bawat pagkakataon

Kung may patlang,
magkakaroon din ng patlang ang karapatan
Katumbas lamang na paghahatian

Maaring makikita
Kung mayroong kailangang itama,
baguhin, o idagragdag

May halaga ang serbisyo, pagsusuri
Pagtuturo at pagbibigay
Gamot ang mga ito sa kasalukuyan

Kung may nais iparating,
lumapit lamang


Rough English Translation (Didn’t really use direct translation to form a more coherent poem)

Sum up what’s right
You can ask for it
We need to communicate
And cherish each moment

When there’s a rift
or a broken right
There’s a visible divide

You can see it
If there’s something to correct
To change, or to build

What matters are service,
teaching and giving
They are balm to a present misgiving

If there’s something to communicate
You gotta say it
Come to me



PhilHealth Brochure page 1


PhilHealth brochure page 2

So you see, you can always find a message in the most unlikely materials. You just need to look beyond what you first see. Uncover the message. Make it your own.

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