On difficult relationships

People will fail us, disappoint us, and hurt us even unknowingly.

Yet it is in these times that we have to wait more. Wait, ask which prayer is God granting this time? Understand that His ways are so amazing and beyond our understanding. That He, in his compassion, grants us the things we’ve been praying for through situations that we wouldn’t wish for ourselves but which result ultimately is what we prayed for. It is there that we will have that strength, wisdom, prosperity, courage, love, favors and patience we’ve been praying.

Yes it is difficult. People are difficult. But it is in these times that we are called to pray for a bigger heart for these shortcomings. And at some point we were the ones who failed, disappointed, and hurt others… We are difficult.

So yes, relationship is a mess. But who would want a monotone relationship. It’s boring. It will not help us grow. It will not make us appreciate the beauty of the morning after that night of sorrow.

But the Lord will see us through. Jesus will be our example, how He loves us even if we are a failure, a disappointment and many other things. Despite those, in His loving eyes, we are one piece of a beautiful mess, whose heart craves for the thing that only He could give. And he’s dying to give it to us. In fact, He ALREADY died for that.

We need to express the same mercy and compassion and love that the Lord has given for us.

Again relationship is a mess. But it is necessary. It will grow form heartache to heartache. From victory to victory. From love to love. In death and new beginnings.

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