On Waiting

Are you tired of the situation you are in? Are the people who are supposed to be the source of love becoming toxic in your lives? Do you feel like giving up?


Yes, wait!

Wait until that strength you’ve been praying for be shown because of the difficulties you are in.

Wait until that wisdom you’ve been wanting manifest itself through the problems you have to solve.

Wait until that prosperity you’ve been longing slowly unfolds through the brawn and the brains you need to exercise in your work.

Wait until that courage come knocking down the dangers you have to overcome.

Wait until love grows for the troubled people God entrusted you to help.

Wait until the favors you desired be granted through the opportunities waiting for you to grab on.

Wait until that patience you’ve been praying for develop in situations like these where you are forced to wait.

You must wait!

And I know it’s painful. I’ve been (am and will still wait) waiting many times in my life. So I know it’s painful. Because during the waiting, life will force you to give up by throwing many things at you all at once, or force you to be impatient by not having anything happen to you at all.

Yet, it is in those times that we are to wait more. And most importantly, HOPE.

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”- Romans 8:25

May your waiting be joyful and full of hope!

*Based on a poem about careful praying.



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