To the first man I loved…

You’ve always had that soft smile,
always told stories with your giant hands, rough with hard work.
You told me once that I could be whatever I wanted to be.
You put me above your shoulder and told me
You can reach as high as that
…or higher!
and then you throw me into the air
And I screamed my highest pitch of pure delight.
Then you catch me and I giggled into your arms,
delighted from the rush received from the heights,
And safe in the arms that hold me tight.

You were my hero.
When my teacher told me the greek gods at school
I thought your name will be on the list
Because you were Zeus filled with lightning wrath when your loved ones are hurt.
You were Superman silly in his underwear worn outside his pants.
You were Freddie Aguilar angelic in his voice when you sang your promise to me.
You were an angel who chased the monsters away.

My love, my hero…
even to this day,
I haven’t forgotten you.

To the first man I love,
This ones for you… :*