Our Vocation of Love


I have been so restless for the last few months. Because it seems that God is telling me to do something. And I can’t quite grasp what exactly is that.

I wanted to do many things. I wanted to develop myself personally and professionally. I aimed to take a certification this year. I wanted to go and search for greener pasture. At the same time, I wanted to stay here where I think my mission is. I wanted to be a catalyst to build houses for the homeless, building a virtual system that would simulate and help in the construction of houses. I wanted to devote my time to volunteer to the Cancer Warriors Foundation, where the parents do not give up, because they believe their child is a warrior. I wanted to give time to one of the crusades I’ve known, praying for the prostitutes who are victims of their circumstances, bringing Christ to them.

I wanted to do something bigger than myself. I wanted to do all those things. And I am only one.

Or so I thought.

One night I’ve heard an account of some old man and his unfortunate circumstances, and how the little help he has received had moved me so much. I cried, no I sobbed myself to sleep that night. I was crying for all the victims of injustices, for all those whose circumstances seem so above themselves, for all those who are hopeless, abandoned, alone, lonely. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I do not even know what to pray for. But I know God heard the wordless plea in my heart.

This is an ongoing prayer, in which I am discerning if what of the many things I wanted does the Lord wanted me to focus on. I am still restless, and I understand that, as St. Augustine puts it, my soul will always be restless until it rests in Thee.

And I am reminded that above all the things I wanted, I am called for one thing. We are all called for one thing. Our vocation is that of love. And yes, we are called to love.

Restless is my soul, until it rests in thee. Until then, I will do my vocation here on earth. I will spend my heaven here on earth.