‘Be careful about rooftops…’ + other bits of wisdom by Sarah Kay

Observations of an Oddball

I realize this post’s title is absurdly long, but Sarah Kay is absurdly talented, so I figured I needn’t be conservative.

This summer, I first saw Kay’s performance of her poem “Private Parts”, a reflection of her first love and a new look on what it means to be intimate. She differs from the majority of her spoken word peers, her voice soft and steady, contrasting the depth and creativity in every syllable she utters. She is sharp, generous and apt to bring wisdom to the table you never knew you needed. She is why I decided to give it a go at spoken word, and, I know this sounds weird, but her poetry is what I find myself reciting whenever I’m in the shower.

I’m a little obsessed.

So I’ve put together some of her quotes.

Just in case you want your mind jam-packed with insight.

  1. And the places…

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