God’s Awesome Love #25

Thank you Lord for the bonus!

Thank you Lord for the new patent approved!

Thank you for the 5 year award. The watch and the plaque!

Thank you for my mama’s 59th birthday.

Thank you for my family moments.

Thank you for the successful Wish Upon a Santa 2016.

Thank you for the outpouring of generosity and blessings supporting the endeavor that we set in.

Thank you for the gifts I received.

Thank you for the every day encounters.

Thank you for the kids.

Thank you for your presence in every situation.

Thank you for the motivation.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you for the hands that hold other hands.

Thank you for the well wishes.

Thank you for the smiles.

Thank you for the tears, the joy that just cannot be contained it flows.

and the tears, the sadness that would just show.

Because I realized I am so consistently blessed, I often took it for granted.

Thank you for your A-W-E-S-O-M-E  LOVE my Lord.


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