Poetic inspiration: Write every day

Business in Rhyme


Make a pact with yourself that you will write

every day – not because you don’t know how to write,

but simply for learning to love and enjoy your words – no matter

how distant, fake or fade

in the beginning they may stray.

Maja S. Todorovic

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Let Him Love You First

Let Him Love you  ❤


I plead to you, young lady. Let Him.

FullSizeRender (2)Let Him love you first.

Before you start waiting for the right guy, grant the access to your heart first to its Maker, Jesus.

And when you give that heart to Him, I won’t promise that it will not be broken. Because it will be. Yet it will be broken for all the right reasons. You’ll be amazed how your heart will cry out the truest and purest prayer, “God, break my heart for what break Yours.”

You’ll see a clear picture of how your heart’s brokenness can save those who are crushed in spirit. Your willingness to share your brokenness can bring comfort to those who are weary and wounded.

Brokenness will turn as your testimony.

Brokenness will make shame into praise.

Brokenness will qualify you to His kingdom.

Brokenness will be made whole.

Let Him love you first.

Before you chase your dreams, commission yourself in…

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The fire creates diamonds

You told me you’re struggling and I think it’s beautiful. It means that between giving up and fighting, you choose to fight, and so there’s a struggle.The process will not be easy. The work will always be messy. But all beautiful things come from mess, from sweat, from blood, from fire, from things that aren’t pretty. Think of that cross where Love is nailed, that crown made of thorns, or the sweat of our mother’s chest as she pushed to get us here. The work is never pretty, the fire is always painful. But it’s the only way diamonds are created. And dear, if you think you aren’t a diamond yet, then you are a diamond in the making. But I believe we are born as shining diamonds… Sometimes, we just need the purifying fire to polish our luster.

Keep on shining diamonds!