I am

If I am loved
May I remember
That love grows with being re-given
And needs to flow
That it may pass to and through me
Therefore may I also be open
To receive


I just came across this, something I wrote almost four years ago, soon after I started blogging. Thought it was worth a reblog – enjoy 🙂


Write as many separate stand alone sentences as you can in 5 minutes beginning ‘I am…’ completing them as spontaneously and freely as possible. Then take 15 minutes to look at what you have and write a poem.

And here’s one I made earlier:

If I am scared

May I remember

I am eternal at my core

A child of God

A being of light

That can neither be harmed

Nor harm

On the level of all being one

If I am arrogant

May I remember

I am made only of elements

And will turn back into earth

Like anything else I can see

Touch and feel

If I am tired

May I remember

I can use my consciousness

To make choices that…

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