A Message for my team

Aim high. But don’t expect perfection.

In the greatness of the Lord in our lives, what else will we offer Him but the best. How else will we serve Him but by our best efforts. So let’s always aim high. Let’s not be average in our work. In fact, let’s not be average in any aspect of our lives. Let’s be above that.

But let’s not expect perfection. Otherwise, we will always be disillusioned, always be disappointed.We can lay out the plans all we want, but there will always be circumstances that we have to dance around, there will always be odds that we have to conquer… And that will affect the plans that we have laid out. And it’s okay. Because in the unexpected, comes out the unexpected too.

We can only plan using the best of our abilities. But God will use odds and circumstances that will allow Him to channel his majesty and creativity through us, so we could do more than what we expect to do, more than what we think we are capable to do.  And the circumstances that we are able to dance around, the odds that we are able to beat are worth the celebration by themselves.

We are not in a perfect world. We cannot lay out a perfect plan. What we could do is to just always try to. The process will not be easy. The work will always be messy. But all beautiful things come from mess, from sweat, from blood, from fire, from things that aren’t pretty. Think of that cross where love is nailed, that crown made of thorns, or the sweat of our mother’s sacred chest as she pushed to get us here. The work is never pretty, but it’s the only way the house gets built. The fire is always painful, but it’s the only way diamonds are created.

Let’s not focus on the fire, let’s wear the diamond. There will always be a possibility of a crack in the diamonds that we create. But let’s not make the crack a reason not to celebrate and bask in the shining light of that diamond.  Of course, we would have seen the crack. We made it ourselves.  But let’s not hold it close; otherwise, we will be wounded by the cutting edge of that crack.

That’s where our gospel friends come. They will pull us out so that we will not be blinded by the shining light that may hinder us from seeing the crack. So that the next time, we can adjust the fire, so we will create better diamonds. And don’t ever ever stop the fire. Otherwise, we are stopping the creation of the diamonds.

Let’s be sensitive for each other. Let’s support each other and be sympathetic of the struggles of each other. And let us fan each other’s faith. There will be times when we tend to disagree. We have different paths to follow, but we always point North. We have different roles to take, but we always listen to the Director. The beauty lies in our differences. We have blind spots. Others will point us to it. Others will have blind spots too, we point them to it. But in every blind spot pointed out, love should be there. That should be the bottom line of this all, shouldn’t it?

Let’s continue to live life joyfully. Let’s learn to dance in the rain if it rains. The road is rough and it gets rougher, and we can’t do anything by ourselves. May the Holy Spirit bear fruit in us the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that we so need in these trying times. Let’s ask that grace from the Lord.

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