God’s Awesome Love #20

There’s this person I’m working with who is really critical about Jesus and the Catholic faith. He is a Catholic, but has many questions regarding the religion and about Jesus himself. There were many instances when my faith was challenged because of his questions (hence, this blog entry) which were often coupled with sarcasm. Sometimes, I lost confidence talking about God in his presence.

One day, I was listening to a praise and worship song, and he was singing with me! He finds time to research the bible verse where those worship songs are based on. At another time, he also exclaimed that there is no forever, except with Jesus.

Indeed, Jesus reveals Himself to any thing or person if we just seek Him and open our hearts to His divine presence. And I thank the Lord that I found Jesus in that instance through that person, through that most unlikely person. Truly, God is awesome like that. 🙂