God’s Awesome Love #19

Yesterday was a roller-coaster day for me, emotionally. There are things that bothered my mind so much that when I attended the mass, all I could do was cry. I am not really sad. It’s just that tears are the expression of my heart when I can’t say anything. I believe I cried because I am joyful despite my troubled mind, joyful of the things that He has allowed me to realize, joyful of the things that I remembered, of the things I’m blessed with, of the things that I will forever treasure.

I’m not sure why it came to me then, but my mind recalls the experience I had with my late uncle and my late papa. Those were painful memories I don’t care to invoke often. But it rerun in my mind while someone narrated those memories. The voice is that of mine, like I am telling them to another person. The vision lasted with a happy thought though, but I was a little drained emotionally.

When I returned to the office, someone gave me a Jollibee burger. I asked her why. She said, “wala lang”. Awwww I really believed it was the Lord offering some kind of comfort to me, after that emotional roller-coaster ride.

God is so awesome like that. ❤

You oh Lord are really full of surprises. I praise and thank you!