God’s Awesome Love #18

It has been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

There can be many events in a day that when examined individually, will not make your day a great one. The sun that shines is just a sun, the wind that blows is just wind, the music that fills the air is just music. By itself, there’s nothing amazing when the elevator does not open in every floor, when the traffic lights changes to green when you are about to cross the road, when the egg’s cooked just the way you like it, when the breeze smells great, when it rains in summer, when the stars twinkle brightly, when the moon kissed the lake, and its light lit the night…

By themselves, they’re just ordinary, beautiful, but ordinary. But taken as a whole, it is magic. God is awesome like that.

Today, I will let myself be open to the magical universe that God has put me into.