Reflections of a bus guide volunteer

Last Jan 24-31, 2016, the International Eucharistic Congress was held in Cebu. It was a momentous event for Cebu, and it is an opportunity for me (and I think, for all lay Catholics) to volunteer and serve.

I was one of the thousands of volunteers, assigned to the transportation committee, called the bus guide volunteers. One of my weaknesses is my sense of direction, or the lack thereof. I was not worried though, because I thought I am just a bus guide volunteer, not the driver. As it happens, most of the drivers were not from Cebu, and they also thought that they have nothing to worry about because they have their own personal bus guides.

My 1st route assignment is the North area. I have zero knowledge about the places there. But thankfully, there wasn’t any problem because we didn’t get any passenger.

My 2nd route assignment was in Cebu downtown (Yehey!) from Fuente Osmena to Capitol area, to Parklane, to IEC. I am quite familiar with the route but don’t know the directions of some of the bus stops. I was not worried though because it was the 2nd day and I assumed that my bus company (driver, conductor, and police officer) will then be familiar with the route. Lo and behold! They were not familiar yet (d-r-u-n-k). I can understand though, I myself cannot memorize the twists and turns of the places of our route when I am living in Cebu City for how many years now. So understandably, they cannot perfectly know our route. And so we get lost. On the 2nd day of the event.

We were circling the Cebu City downtown round and round until we get to a familiar path where we eventually found our way. I can honestly say that it was the Lord who has guided our way to the right path. It was a moment of we were lost, and now we’re found.

I thought to myself that no matter how long we are lost, if we would just not quit finding our way, eventually we’ll find our destination. Also, it is important to take note of your wrong turns and don’t take them again.

It’s the same in our life. We are often caught with the fast pace of living, chasing dreams we thought would satisfy our restless hearts. And that’s okay, I think. But we should not forget that we are citizens of Heaven. And that’s our ultimate destination. We should embrace the life that God has given us here on earth without losing sight of our ultimate destination, without forgetting that our Father is waiting for our coming, and His applause for our return is already set.

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