God’s Awesome Love #16

In our life, there’s always this someone who would make our life difficult. This is very trying for me who claimed myself as a Christian since as Christians, we are called to always respond with love to all people, specially the least lovable, as Jesus did. I admit I sometimes failed in that regard.

One time this week, I have been subjected to a very trying situation with such person. I used all sort of things to explain to him my point and make him understand where I’m coming from so that we could come up to an agreement. But as always, our conversation became heated arguments. One person from the team was commenting that we were like those Philippine presidentiables in their Presidential debate. I think I could withstand the argument and reason out my side logically. But I could not withstand the emotion-the turmoil it brought me. It’s not just worth it.

It was 3PM (we were already arguing for more than an hour) when a sister sent a text message saying: “Lord, I bring to you my burdens. You know my situation. You know I can’t make it without You. Comfort my heart, give me strength & help me carry on.” So I resorted to the only thing I failed to do when dealing with that person–I prayed for him and for myself, so that the Lord could change me first and my emotional response to him, so that dealing with him won’t be so difficult.

I was being quite after that, I did not respond to his arguments so our conversation eventually dies out. 8 minutes after I said that prayer, he sent me a chat once again about our discussion, and told me that he agrees with what I was saying. I was rendered in awe of how the Lord works when we just surrender to Him our situation. Because the way I left that heated conversation, it could only go south with all the unanswered questions, and perhaps, hurt feelings. I gave up my arguments and prayed over it, and the Lord took over.

I was thankful for that experience because I was reminded that the Lord controls everything, so we just have to let go, and let God. It was also a reminder that prayer should not be a last resort over a situation. Instead, it should be the first, so that everything will go accordingly.

God is awesome like that. God’s love is awesome like that.

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