God’s Awesome Love #15

Late last year, my mother was experiencing irregular bleeding. She already had a menopause about 10 years ago. So it’s quite alarming that we decided to consult a doctor last February. So about a month ago, we had a cancer scare when the doctor said that it could possibly be a cancer.

I didn’t write about it or speak about it to many people because somewhat, talking about it makes it real. I was trying to deny it until I realized that I need the prayers of my friends to help us get through it when the worst happens.

My friends and SFC family were my prayer warriors. With God’s grace, the test results all come negative contrary to what the doctor initially assessed. The bleeding was gone after some medication. Indeed, prayers move mountains.

I am so grateful to all the people who’ve prayed for my mother. Just a day after I asked my SFC household to pray for her, the first result come out negative. A week after that, my mother underwent a minor surgery, and the doctor said that based on her observation, the tissues she got for the biopsy test is not cancer-looking. We are yet to get the biopsy results but I am confident that with God’s grace, the conclusive results will be negative.

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