50 Things that make me happy

Happy new year! Indeed, there are many things to be thankful for  2015, and many things to be excited about for this new year. I’ve read in Joshua M. Hood’s blog his 50 things that make me happy and decided to write one my own. As was his experience, thinking about the things that made me happy has also made me happy! 🙂

  1. Reading light stories.
  2. Starting a new project (both personal and work projects).
  3. Finishing a project. (Starting is easier than finishing.)
  4. Crossing out a TODO item.
  5. Looking at a TODO list where all items are crossed out.
  6. Listening to Sarah Geronimo and to 98.7 FM radio Pep Talk program.
  7. Cuddle time with my nephew and hearing my name as he uttered it in that adorable way he says everything.
  8. Listening to a choir sing.
  9. That feeling after I finish jogging/running.
  10. That feeling after I finish my morning sit-ups.
  11. Acquiring a new perspective to a story I’ve always known/heard.
  12. Listening to a slam poetry.
  13. Reading my journal entries.
  14. Reading my blog entries.
  15. Reading my college notes.
  16. Reading my random notes.
  17. When someone close to me reads the books I want them to read.
  18. Sharing my book reactions.
  19. Seeing a new book in my book shelf.
  20. Coffee and blanket and a good book in a cold night.
  21. Alone time.
  22. Bus ride for home.
  23. Down time in our swing or rocking chair.
  24. Writing a personal email or letter to the people who matter to me.
  25. Buying groceries for my family.
  26. Eating balot with my friends.
  27. Blessed Sacrament visit.
  28. Learning new things.
  29. Inception of an idea.
  30. Making someone laugh.
  31. Window shopping in a book shop.
  32. The smell of coffee and breakfast.
  33. Waking up in our house back at Argao.
  34. Giving back to the community.
  35. Doing my church obligations.
  36. Saving.
  37. Christmas lights.
  38. Watching talented people perform.
  39. Listening to great speakers.
  40. Receiving unexpected compliments.
  41. Reminiscing.
  42. Receiving a letter or a personal email.
  43. Teaching kids.
  44. Being affirmed by God’s message.
  45. Feeling valued and appreciated.
  46. Doing something for my health.
  47. Reading the “Acknowledgement” section of my Kuya’s thesis. (I often do this secretly, hehe)
  48. Hearing stories that I don’t remember about my childhood.
  49. Adding a pin to my map that will mark a new place that I recently travelled.
  50. Being reminded again and again about how God loves me.



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