On Climbing Mt. Naupa

The Climb

Mt. Naupa located in Naga Cebu falls under Level 1 trekking category (based on some Mountaineering rating system with Level 1 as the easiest and Level 9 as the hardest). So the climb is generally a short, easy and safe one. But for a person like me that is physically inactive, with a small  build which relatively produces small strength and smaller endurance, it felt like the most difficult climb I’ve ever had, and that one misstep will lead me down an unimaginable ravine just waiting at the side of the path that we were walking. At some point during the climb, I was thinking what on earth am I doing climbing some monstrous mountain carrying a bag that felt heavier than I weigh. In fact, when we were about to reach our camp site, the climb became even steeper that I had to stop in the middle. I had no more energy to go up, and no energy to go down. So I stopped alone (since my buddy went ahead of me), wondering again just what I was doing there trying to force my lungs to function when it seemed to forget how to breathe in and out. Then one brother pushed me forward and upward until we reached our camp site. I collapsed when we got there. Breathing was literally painful so I had to close my eyes for recovery.

The Peak

What I saw when I opened my eyes really rendered me in awed silence. Perhaps, in the weary state that I was in, I took comfort on the littlest things that can alleviate what I was feeling. Or maybe it was just so beautiful. It indeed helped me forget how tired I was. The 360 degrees view of the wondrous creation of God. The clean and crisp air. The fog that is starting to form. The sky tinged with a hint of orange signaling the incoming twilight. The green neighboring mountain ranges. The city view from far away. The mooing of the cows. The people around me sharing that heavenly experience. IT WAS WORTH THE CLIMB.

The Reflection

Our leader reflected as much. He implied in his sharing that our journey here on earth is just like the climb that we experienced. It is not easy. It is wearisome. It is painful. Sometimes, the scenery that we pass by is also beautiful, but we fail to acknowledge it because of our weariness. But if we persevere enough to reach the top, if we just keep our feet take one step at a time, then we can see that it is all worth it.

I know it is easier said than done. The initiator of our activity already told us that it will be worth it. But I just can’t take things as he said when I was in pain. I just have to see it for myself. And maybe, the pain that I went through climbing there made it all the more sweeter when I reached the top.

So “faith” it till you make it, they say. And we’ll see. 🙂

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