Knock the fake ones to build real ones

We should not ask God to spare us the trials, the heartaches, the hurts, and pains that those rough days are bringing. But rather, we should ask for strength. Strength to overcome and get through those necessary tests of faith wiser, stronger, and closer to Him. Because God is not trying to find out the quality of our faith or love. He knows it already. Oftentimes, it is we who don’t. And sometimes, when ours are a house of cards, His only way of making us realize it is to knock it down. And the sooner He knocks it down, the better. Not so that we could pick up the knocked-down pieces and start building them again, but sometimes to start an entirely new one from entirely new pieces.

For those who are suffering right now, sorry to say, but we have no choice but to suffer it. Again, the sooner He knocks it down, the better. So we could start building a new and a real house. So while we feel the pain, as it demands to be felt, let’s ask for strength. Because while it takes strength to watch the old house being knocked down, it will take more to move on and build a new one.