God’s Awesome Love #11

I found a note somewhere in my files written last August 13. And it was another touch of God’s love. The note says:

“I woke up today with a text message from my mother bearing a not so good news. Having been woken up with a mind that is still groggy from lack of sleep, and without realizing yet how blessed I am to still have my two eyes open to the wonders of today, I created a reply for my mother. The content of the text I created wasn’t grace-bearing. It implied my annoyance to that news. But before I could send that text, some angel may have whispered in my ears to call my mother instead. So we talked about it. I told her how sorry I am for the helplessness of the situation. I can’t even begin to think how I am supposed to help. But mama, with her ever endless understanding told me not to worry about it… that they were alright.

So we talked about other things, and somehow everything seemed alright.
We parted with her saying that I should go home this weekend. I intend to and I realize how blessed I am that I have started my day talking to my mother. For some who see their family every day, who talk to them regularly, that experience may have not been considered a blessing. But I consider it one. I realized that hearing my mother is one of God’s ways to remind me that I am loved. I guess I just missed them.”