To the people I want to honor

(A fast scribble.)

As this new year starts for me, I would like to honor the people who have helped me become what I am now. To my dearly departed loved ones, Papa Jun and Papa Boy for being loving fathers who spoiled me with love and affection. Are you proud of me now? (I am not a brat some have predicted me to become. I stopped being a cry baby a long time ago.) To my late auntie who may not be my blood mother but had always acted as one. Thank you for bringing me closer to God.

To my God’s masterpiece. My Mama Neneng who is so strong and constant in her love and support.  Today is a tribute to you since you were the one who labored me out into this world. To my Kuya Boyet for helping me with my studies by financing and teaching me some in Math and Physics and Programming. To Dodong Weng2 for being my music buddy and my news person. To Bebe for being you, sweet and caring. To all my little cousins who used to meet me when I return from the city with a hug and a kiss and an “I love you ate Mylene!” password.

To my summer catechism teachers, and later on fellow teachers. Mam Ana, Sis Enrique, and my Legion of Mary brothers and sisters who’ve led me to a deeper devotion to Mama Mary. To my childhood friends Kaykay and Teray who’ve made those good old days more fun. To my spiritual mentors, Kuya Ace, Kuya Ghamai, Kuya Jertz, and all my YFC leaders for guiding me towards the right path and always giving me life lessons. To my music mentor Ate Bebe for being an epitome of patience in teaching us many things. And my choirmates who’ve shown me that service is fun. To my CC coordinators Tita Marlot, Tita Dione, Tita Riza for being 2nd mothers to me while I was away from home. To my HS classmates MONREP, my college classmates TIUMPENZ, we were a crazy bunch. But I’ve studied well because you were such good influence. To my close friend Ilyn for being just who you are…sister, friend, confidant, cheerer. To Rache, my best roommate, for all the chats and experiences we share. To Julie and Karen, you have such generous hearts that always touch me deep. To my first PL, Ate Carl for being an influence for me to work well. To my first Manager, Ma’am Shermin for the tidbits of wisdom here and there. To the people who’ve caused me some tears, I also honor you. You are instruments to help me grow and learn. To all those who’ve touched my life in the past. And now to my SFC family, my teammates, and friends that have stayed, and colleagues. My past was awesome and my present is more fun and fulfilling with you all. I can’t express enough the gratitude that I feel when all the memories come flooding to me now.

The last years have been amazing and I am excited for this new year and the coming years. Because somehow I know that this will be different. Gone are the days of experimenting what I can do and do best. Gone are the awkward teenage years. Now I believe I have to start facing life seriously, armed with those experiences and lessons of the past years that will be my foundation for the coming years. I welcome this year excited and full of hope. No, I don’t expect flowers and butterflies. I expect life’s surprises with its ever-changing patterns. And I believe, with God always with me, I will continue to be surprised with the manifestations of His love and His plans.

Bring it on life, I have an awesome God!