Pause and proceed, rest and be renewed

Amidst the distractions, and the hustle and bustle of life, we often found ourselves to be too busy to pause and listen to the voice that matters. And oftentimes, we lose our peace in the insane demands of our current responsibilities. Sometimes, we just go through the outrages motion of the day doing many things but not really accomplishing them. We all have those moments.

For me, when I feel that I am too caught up, or I am too busy, that’s when I know that I need to rest. The theory here is to pause to be able to proceed, to rest and be renewed and to distance yourself so that you can see things in a bigger perspective. Because sometimes the closer we get to something, the harder it is to see it. Because even in music, the rest is part of the note. Here are the things I often do to get that pause:

1. Read a good book with light stories. I often read children’s story. They are not only an easy read, they often have moral lessons that adults need to learn or relearn. Big-o is the latest I read. 🙂

2. Listen to a good music. Classic and instrumental songs are the best for me. But this really depends on your choice of music.

3. Go home. For me who is living away from my family, I often make it a point to go home twice a month. There’s really nothing like home to soothe your aches and recharge your drained spirit. The warm embrace and the good food that come with going home is heaven. ❤

4. Travel. I really find it relaxing when I travel. Usually, a 2-hour trip through a bus does wonders to my soul, specially with the windows open and the sun just rising or setting while the wind is dancing against my face and whipping my hair back and forth. Or sometimes, it just put me to a much needed blank space where I could stop thinking but could realize something.

5. Go to the Blessed Sacrament. When I am troubled and tired, and don’t want to talk about it because really, talking about it makes me tired all the more, I go to the Blessed Sacrament. I don’t concern myself with words, with prayers and other rituals when I’m there feeling that way. I just gaze and gaze and gaze for a long time. I know the Lord is working in me when I start to feel lighter, or when I start to realize something. This really doesn’t fail to bring a kind of peace in me that even in the loudest place where I returned to, I still have that serenity.

I’m praying for your peace today. 🙂

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